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Waking Cosmos is a podcast and video series exploring the nature of consciousness, reality, and life's place in the universe.

Join us as we explore subjects like the mystery of consciousness, the nature of reality, artificial intelligence, psychedelics, ethics, virtual reality and the future of life and mind. 

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#6 Remote Viewing and the Reality of Psychic Phenomena

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Are psychic phenomena real? In today's episode of Waking Cosmos, Adrian talks to Garret Moddel, a physicist at the university of Colorado who has carried out extensive scientific experiments exploring ESP, also known as “psi” phenomena. 

Garret has conducted experiments exploring phenomena ranging from telepathy, to precognition, and mind-matter interaction. He even recounts how he and a number of students used remote viewing to successfully predict the stock market. 

In addition to the evidence of psychic abilities, Garret shares his thoughts on the Global Consciousness Project - a global mind-matter experiment believed by some to measure collective shifts in attention in the global human population. 

Of particular interest to Garret is the mysterious role of scientists' expectations and beliefs in the outcomes of their experiments. We hope you enjoy today's episode.

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#5 Observation and Existence

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In this episode Adrian gives some updates about the podcast and discusses the ongoing influence of the Copernican Revolution. Adrian also explores John Wheeler's participatory model of reality, in which conscious observers play a constitutive role in existence.

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The Self-Excited Circuit episode: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA8FxYwSKIc

Adrian's video essay about precognition:

Adrian's video essay about telepathy:

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#4 Can Intelligence Transform the Universe?

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What can intelligence bring about in the universe?  Can intelligence counter entropy? Is it possible that intelligence actually plays a role in the universe's existence? 

Adrian Nelson and Matthew Segall explore these and other questions in today's episode of the Waking Cosmos podcast (Listen below). These questions fascinate us, and yet at the same time, it seems virtually impossible to imagine how intelligence will transform life on this planet over the next 20 years, let alone to predict what intelligence might eventually bring about on the cosmic stage, -especially when we consider that intelligence, in some form, could conceivably continue evolving over thousands or even millions of years. We'd love to know your intuitions about these questions, so please join in the discussion in the YouTube comments section.

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#3 Can We Simulate Consciousness?

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The rise of computers has introduced new ways of thinking about reality. Among these is the possibility that the universe itself is generated through computation. 

In today's episode of Waking Cosmos, I explore the challenges of simulating conscious minds, and the possibility that we exist in a simulated universe. And if we do live in a simulation, what might be the ultimate intentions of its architects?

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#2 Consciousness, Technology, and the Singularity

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Can we build conscious AI? Is the singularity already here? Welcome back to the Waking Cosmos podcast! In this episode Adrian and Matthew explore the meaning of technology and how it is changing human life. We also explore the possibility of conscious machines, the dawn of superintelligence, and the future of technology in the universe.

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#1 Consciousness Beyond Materialism

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In this episode of the Waking Cosmos podcast Adrian has a conversation with philosopher and author Matthew Segal. Topics include the enduring mystery of consciousness, the limits of scientific materialism, and the possibility that mind could be fundamental to reality.

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