Is Telepathy Real?

Is Telepathy Real?

We all sense moments of deep connection with others. These connections, with family, friends, and loved ones, can at times seem to transcend physical distance. Is this connection no more than an illusion of strong emotions, or can it be scientifically tested? You may be surprised to hear that such experiments have been carried out, and under rigorously controlled laboratory conditions.

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Consciousness, Technology, and the Singularity

Consciousness, Technology, and the Singularity

Can we build conscious AI? Is the singularity already here? Welcome back to the Waking Cosmos podcast! In this episode Adrian and Matthew explore the meaning of technology and how it is changing human life. We also explore the possibility of conscious machines, the dawn of superintelligence, and the future of technology in the universe.

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Is Consciousness Fundamental?

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     In recent years, science and philosophy have seen a resurgence of open-mindedness toward deeper views of consciousness. Today Adrian reads from Origins of Consciousness, a book exploring ideas and evidence now changing the way scientists and philosophers approach the place of consciousness in the universe.

Origins of Consciousness is now available on Amazon.


"Origins of Consciousness is visionary, prophetic, grounded in comprehensive scholarship -- and beautifully written. It is without a doubt one of the best treatments of consciousness I have read. No one in the 21st century can consider themselves educated without an awareness of the evidence presented in this book."

Larry Dossey, MD
Adrian Nelson has given us a remarkably insightful and highly readable account of current thinking about consciousness, and its profound influence on the entire scope of our new understand of reality.

Allan Leslie Combs Ph.D.
"This book is a rare, comprehensive & insightful reading for anybody interested in an in-depth analysis of the current status of consciousness studies. Well informed and courageous in outlining and seeking unanswered questions. A great roadmap for the traveller in the fields of contemporary consciousness studies. It can also serve very well for a concise textbook for graduate or advance master's courses in philosophy. The author offers his wise insight with a fresh point of view."

Basios Vasileios Ph.D.
 For anyone interested in consciousness studies, Nelson's "Origins of Consciousness" is a must-read. Comprehensive in nature, this book will prove valuable for a wide spectrum of readers, ranging from the lay reader to scholarly authority. The insight and quality of this book is exceptional.
Brian L Wheeler

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Consciousness Beyond Materialism - The Waking Cosmos Podcast

Welcome! In this episode of the Waking Cosmos podcast, Adrian David Nelson talks with philosopher and author Matthew Segal. Topics include the mystery of consciousness, the limits of materialism, and the possibility that mind could be fundamental to reality.

Matthew is the author of Physics of the World-Soul available here.
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