A Scientist Explores Psychic Abilities


Are psychic phenomena real? In today's episode of Waking Cosmos, Adrian talks to Garret Moddel, a physicist at the University of Colorado who has carried out extensive scientific experiments exploring ESP, also known as “psi” phenomena. (listen below)

Garret has conducted experiments exploring phenomena ranging from telepathy, to precognition, and mind-matter interaction. He even recounts how he and a number of students used remote viewing to successfully predict the stock market. 

In addition to the evidence of psychic abilities, Garret shares his thoughts on the Global Consciousness Project - a global mind-matter experiment believed to measure collective shifts of collective attention in the global human population. 

Of particular interest to Garret is the mysterious role of scientists' expectations and beliefs in the outcomes of their experiments. We hope you enjoy today's episode. You can support Waking Cosmos on Patreon here.

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