Can Psychedelics Reveal the Nature of Reality?

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Psychologist David Luke is one of the new generation of psychedelics researchers, based at the University of Greenwich in the UK. One of the things that stands out about David is that while he takes a scientific approach to understanding the potential value and risks of psychedelics, he keeps an open mind about what these experiences bring us into contact with, including what they might reveal about the nature of reality.

One possibility for David is that psychedelic substances such as DMT override the “reducing valve” function of the brain — opening the floodgates between our ordinary sense of self, and a much greater transpersonal reality.

In today’s episode of Waking Cosmos (listen below) we talk about David’s ideas and research into these substances, including his controversial experiments exploring whether psychedelics can serve as catalysts for psychic phenomena, like precognition and telepathy.

To those unfamiliar with the evidence of such “psi” effects, this might seem bizarre, but as a past president of the Parapsychological Association, David is well versed in the significant body of evidence suggestive that these phenomena are real.

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