Does the Universe Have a Mind? ~ Exploring Panpsychism with Philip Goff Ph.D.

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Does the Universe have a Mind?

(Listen Below) My guest today is the philosopher Philip Goff, who has received attention for his defense of panpsychism, which is the idea that consciousness, —the distinctly subjective aspect of our minds, could be a fundamental feature of reality.

With growing support for panpsychism in academia, it is a view that Goff believes could do for the philosophy of mind what Darwin’s theory of evolution did for biology.

In our conversation today we discuss the reasons for believing that consciousness is an intrinsic part of reality, as well as the possible implications for both cosmology and life on this planet.

We also explore how panpsychism, in conjunction with “priority monism”, could entail the existence of a cosmic mind. This is a view that Philip has termed “Cosmopsychism.”

Listen below!

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